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Mixing time of the swap Markov chain and P-stability (extended version)

Extended version of the talk of the same title given at EUROCOMB19

Mixing time of the swap Markov chain and P-stability

The aim of this paper is to confirm that $P$-stability of a family of unconstrained/bipartite/directed degree sequences is sufficient …


A non-stable bipartite degree sequence on which the swap Markov chain is rapidly mixing

The swap Markov chain on a bipartite degree sequence $d$ operates on realizations of $d$ by taking two-two vertices from each color …

A linear time 8/3-approximation for $r$-star guards in simple orthogonal art galleries

We study the problem of covering simple orthogonal art galleries with rectangular stars. The problem has been shown to be polynomial by …


Doctoral Dissertation Defense

Commitee: András Gyárfás, Frank Hoffmann, Károly Böröczky (chair), Ervin Győri (supervisor, non-voting)

Mobile vs. point guards in orthogonal art gallery theorems

Our results are concerned with art gallery theorems on orthogonal polygons. We prove that an n-vertex orthogonal polygon can be …


Art gallery theorems

Art gallery theorems are concerned with the number of guards required to control a polygon, and many variations exist depending on how …